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Susan Allan Block Owner, Vendome Pastry

As a professional Chef, who trained & worked in NYC & Paris, France before moving to Toledo, I must say that I am so very impressed by Emily's knowledge about nutrition, her ability to blend exquisitely balanced juices from the highest quality 100% organic produce, that are both healthy & delicious! While living in NYC I was not only a raw vegan at one point, but I studied raw food preparation. I never thought it would be possible to find someone in Toledo who could even come close to what I was used to in NYC, but Neuroflex Juice Co. is BETTER! I'm also obsessed w/the raw fuel cells & the apothecary shots which Emily has customized to meet some of my short term nutritional needs. I'm about 1 month into a lifestyle change of substituting juice & fuel cells for breakfast/lunch & I feel great!! Thank you Emily!!!

Brad Mandell CEO, Bluefin Media

Neuroflex has the best product in town, and I would highly recommend them to anyone else in Northwest Ohio.

Diana Spiess Owner, Essence Mind Body Studio

I, my clients, staff, and family have tremendously benefitted from Emily's knowledge and her amazing formulas for the Neuroflex Juices. In addition, Kinsey makes her fuel cells that are very nutritious, fulfilling foods that I eat when I am not able to stop for a full meal. Together, the juices and fuel cells are a wonderful combination and I am very impressed with how customer service focused Neuroflex is and how Emily makes sure that her juices are combined with highly educated health and wellness professionals. Her purpose for offering delivery sites at private studios is to be sure people are getting educated on what the formulas are for...not just to sell a product. As a nutrition/wellness professional of 24 years, I could not be more appreciative of this. Nutrition is an individual thing. There is no one perfect formula/diet for everyone and Emily makes sure she works with only those that can truly help people and not waste anyone's money, time, or precious energy.

Chris Markho Owner, Cash Is King ATM Solutions

Love the juice and the service. So happy that I can get fresh juice delivered daily. Helps my mom tremendously with high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Benjamin Wagenknecht PTA, Promedica

I recommend this juice as part of the rehabilitation plan for my clients who are recovering from sports-related injuries. Some of the blends are designed to assist in muscle recovery and decreasing inflammation, and I have received positive feedback from those who have incorporated the juice into their recovery plans.

Nicole Hayman-Staples Stylist, Snip Salon

I am actually in awe at how Emily crafts these juices to be both packed with powerful nutrients and still maintain a balance of sweetness and earthiness. My inner hippie is literally glowing! I ordered 6 different juices today plus a couple of extra dirty H2O's, the echo shots, and the raw cookie dough balls of deliciousness. I cannot believe that they deliver wherever you are! I just found my new fixation and healthy meal replacement when I'm working long hours at the salon. I can't say how happy I am to have finally given it a try. My wedding is in two days so I was looking for a nice healthy alternative to make sure my dress fits without ACTUALLY starving myself and boost my bridal party's immune systems since there are so many viruses floating around. So impressed! Neuroflex is on my speed dial now!