About Us



Creating a healthier community by building strategic partnerships with local health and wellness entities.

Neuroflex Juice is a local juice delivery company based in Perrysburg, Ohio and was founded by Dr. Emily Hayman as an extension of Neuroflex Health & Wellness.  Our juice is cold-pressed, raw, organic, and locally sourced to provide the highest quality nutrients and fresh flavors.  We believe in taking an Ayurvedic approach to creating unique combinations of juice made from vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices that are individualized for each client’s specific needs. The variety of indulgent flavors and exotic ingredients we offer is designed to help you detoxify, heal, fuel, nourish, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.




Our philosophy revolves around making juice that will have a positive difference in the health and well-being of people in our community. Improving the quality of life of those around us extends far beyond selling bottles of juice-it involves providing a set of resources and knowledge that enhance and compliment our product.


Our mission is to create a healthier community by building strategic partnerships with local health and wellness entities, such as yoga studios, locally-owned pharmacies, medical providers, and holistic health practitioners. On it’s own, juice is certainly an excellent way to maintain physical and mental well-being, but when paired with modern and alternative medicine, fitness, and therapies, it can create a more sustainable and powerful impact.

 What Makes Our Juice Unique?


Our juices and cleanses are designed to rid your body of toxins and provide you with nourishing, healing, and invigorating nutrients. Our produce and ingredients are organic, and locally sourced as much as possible to provide sustainable health for you, support to our local farmers, and less of a carbon footprint on our environment.

Preparation, Packaging, & Delivery

Our unique produce cleaning process gently agitates fruits and vegetables in pH balanced Kangen alkaline water to filter out any trace toxins or impurities. All of our juice is raw, which means you’re drinking 100% unadulterated nutrients. We do not use pasteurization or High Pressure Packaging (HPP) to treat or sterilize the juice, which means the beneficial prebiotic and probiotic enzymes are preserved. Our bottles are BPA-free and recyclable. We offer a variety of packages and delivery options to fit your budget, goals, and schedule.

The Alkaline Advantage

According to recent statistics gathered by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 1 in 5 Americans drink water that is contaminated with toxins, microbes, or other pollutants. We take the guesswork out of the equation for you by only using water that has been filtered and pH balanced using Enagic technology. All of our juices, smoothies, and speciality waters are pH balanced and alkaline to provide the most ideal hydration, nutrient absorption, and antioxidant properties.


Our juices range from traditional to exotic, and our wide variety of flavors are designed to appeal to anyone’s tastebuds, from flavor thrill-seekers to veggie-phobics. We infuse our juice with unique ingredients and superfoods to enhance and compliment the health-boosting qualities of our juices.